I have not had an easy life. I've been through a lot, but 5-6 years ago my life almost ended. I was in a very serious accident. I fell two stories and landed on the back of my head, cracking my skill into two pieces.

I was rushed to the hospital and was there for four months. In two of those months, I was in a coma. The accident was a lot more serious than we thought. I had to have brain surgery. Remarkably, I'm alive. There was a 90% change that I was either going to die or be paralyzed for life.

I am not dead nor paralyzed. I live a normal healthy life. I have a few minor effects but nothing is unbearable. It was a rough go, waking up after a two month coma to two months of painful therapy and migraines. This story is not to get your pity, but to get you to realize something.

Life does not go on forever. It ends and its not a long time. Life your life to the fullest everyday. Be happy with your life and make the right decisions. My life almost ended in an instant and who's to say that it won't happen again?

I believe God gave me a second chance. I am going to take this chance and use it to its fullest. I hope you guys and girls learn from this. Go, have fun, and live life to the fullest everyday like its meant to be. Wake up every morning to love life!

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Author: Burnthecity (member since December 13th, 2008).