Ok, well I guess it was about a year ago, I was on a site called omegle, it's an anonymous Internet chat site. So I got connected with someone and we started talking and it wasn't sexual or anything like that, just talking. So in the chat the stranger said that she was a girl and she was 16, the same age I was at the time. So we were talking for about 2 hours and she said she had to go but wanted to know if she could have my AIM address, so I gave it to her. Didn't think much of it, it was just my AIM username.So a few days pass and I forget about the chat when I get a message on AIM from an unknown user, so I accept it and the person is the girl I talked to on omegle. So we start to talk again and things started to get weird, like she was asking if

I wanted to do anything sexual or hook up my webcam so we can video and stuff like that.

I said no and I didn't want to talk anymore so I closed the IM and blocked her. But, I guess that somehow she got my name, first and last, from my profile on AIM. So then I got a friend request on facebook from a guy who looked to be in his 30s-40s, and I didn't know him at all, so I rejected it but didn't block the person. The next day I logged onto AIM and had another message from a new account, and I know now that it was him, but then I didn't, so I accepted that one as well, and the same thing happened, but he told me he was a guy and he was interested in videoing with me and sexting and stuff like that.

So I responded with no and closed the chat again and blocked that username, and by now I'm starting to get a bit freaked out. So I go on facebook again and I have the request from the same man again (I know now that my privacy wasn't set completely, and on omegle we were chatting about just what we looked like,

so right there he had a description of what I looked like, so he was able to see me, my pictures, my info, everything). So that night I got an email in my account,and it was from him, and he was mad this time. He was cussing me out and yelling saying how he knows what I've been doing and how he has my cellphone number and my email addresses and my place of work and everything, and at the time I didn't know how he got any of that, so I was really scared and freaked out. I mean, a complete stranger who I thought was a 16 year old girl turns out to be a 35 year old man, and he's constantly messaging me, that really scared me. But, I tried to solve it on my own so I sent him a message telling him to stop what he was doing and leave me alone, which only made things worse. He started sending me video requests on Skype, videos of him and of what he wanted to do with me, saying he knew where I lived, who my friends were, where id be on certain days, it really scared me. So, I did the next best thing, I deleted everything. I deleted my Skype, my AIM, my MSN because I'm sure he would have gotten to that as well, I changed my email addresses, I changed my cellphone number, I took down all of my pictures that I had on flickr, everything. All just because I gave out one piece of information on a site that I thought I would be safe on. I guess now I've been really trying to get people to stop doing this. I mean, if someone can find out all of that just from my AIM username, what can someone do if someone webcams with someone who says they're someone else, you know? Like, that can be permanent. All someone would have to do would be to save the video chat and put it on the Internet. Kids that I've talked to think that just because they're not on those sites to cam and stuff like that that they're safe, which isn't true. I had to erase myself from the Internet just so that guy would leave me alone. Just from an AIM address. What could someone do if they cammed with someone, you know? And if they're underage, forget it. That gets out on the Internet, anything like that at all, and they're screwed. Like, it scared me so much, and it was just a simple like from him. He said he was a girl who was my age, and I was naive and opened up to him because I thought he was someone I could trust. But I guess that the Internet can't be trusted with that kind of stuff, even if you think you're as safe as can be. I've heard of people using fake MSN screen names, putting in fake names and information, but even THAT is risky. There are people out there that, if they want information badly enough, will do anything to get it. Sure, you have a fake name. What's to stop someone from doing a simple hack and getting the IP address of the computer that the account was registered on. Then what, that person has everything right there, even with a fake name. Kids think they're so safe because they think they can trust anyone who is similar to them. What they don't get is that people lie, say whatever they want, to get the other person to do what they really want them to do. And even now it scares me. Since then, I don't give out my name to anyone, my AIM, anything like that. I tell people I need to really know them before I give out my skype, and even then that skype account is just for here, just this site. I don't show pictures of myself, my friends, I don't say where I'll be until I'm already home. It's just scary knowing that I went through that man stalking me, harassing me, for weeks until I finally got the nerve to delete everything. Sure I didn't respond to him most of the time, but even so, e messages came. Messages of how he knew where I live, knew who my friends are, and that's really scary

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