This article applies directly to all areas of the site, including but not limited to: topic articles, forum sections, and chat room(s).

Protecting your privacy is a priority to the management. The purpose of this page is to help you understand how collects, uses, and safeguards the information you provide to the site.

I. Information Collected, like many websites, is hosted on a server that logs connections and activity. These logs consist of non-personally identifiable information and may include (but not limited to) IP addresses, Internet Service Providers, operating systems, date/time of accesses, and areas accessed by visitors.

This information is necessary to verify statistical information. Our host may also use this information to analyze server activity and reduce server load.

Visitors who register as a member of the site/forums voluntarily provide information that is necessary to grant further site/forum access. Before registration is approved, a registrant's desired username, email address, and IP address are forwarded to a remote database to compare values with known spammer identities.

Cookies are used in conjunction with most site features. These cookies store temporary information, such as a preferred style or user login information, on a visitor's computer. The stored information is accessed by some areas of to ensure correct functioning and security.

 At our own discretion, we may use the information we collect to: 

  • Enforce any policies and Terms of Service of the site,
  • Prevent abuse of the site and any features/services found on the site,
  • Protect member and staff security,
  • Revise or increase information of (or found on) the site,
  • Verify information that was gathered previously.


II. Confidentiality and Protection

We will never share your information with any public/commercial persons/organizations unless we must do so to ensure security of this and/or an affiliated website (or if we are required to by law).

Personal information is protected in a secure, private database by passwords. To further safeguard information, passwords are not kept on the server - we only have the MD5 hashes of the passwords.

Members and visitors of the site are responsible for creating reasonably secure passwords when changing account information or registering as well as keeping their password private.

III.Private Messaging

Private messages work like email, but are limited to registered members of Virtual Teen Forums. The forum rules and terms of service apply to the private messaging system. In order for the rules to be enforced, if an administrator has reasonable suspicion that a member is violating a rule through the private messaging system, an audit of that member's private messages may be conducted.

IV. Visitor/Member Options

All operating systems (that are up-to-date and not running in a kiosk mode) should have the option to disable cookies. If any visitor wishes not to use cookies, he/she may block them from being used by any disabling the option within their operating system. However, cookies are essential for members to login properly.

Members have options in their User Control Panel to appear invisible to other users, to hide their personal information, and not to receive emails from other members.

On rare occasions, the administration may send out an email to members of Virtual Teen. Email sent from will usually be either a form of newsletter or a reminder/notice. Members also have an option to not receive emails from administrators, which will allow the member to opt-out of administration emails.

 V. Inquiries of Personal Information

Members may ask any of the administrators about their information that is being kept on the server.

Visitors may also inquire, but less data will be available to visitors - there is less data stored on the server about them.